1 December 2014


Yesterday I saw this - 

You have one month to finish 
the book of 2014.
Make the best chapter
a perfect one.

It really makes me think about a lot of things. I still haven't finished my bucket list of 2014. Last time when I looked at it, it was before 2 months and I saw that I had done a lot. So now I have exactly one month to finish my bucket list, also, make this year wonderful in my memory.

29 November 2014


Hello ! Yesterday I went to some shops with my friend, I found this pretty crop top from River Island. I had never before wore any crop tops because I never found any nice ones but this one I really liked. However, River Island have so many amazing clothes, I could spend a lot of money there. Also, I found these wonderful shoes from Next and I am in love with the design of them. 

24 November 2014


Oh, what is happening? Last days I had so many unexpected good ongoings. But not today... I am still waiting for new one, haha. As well, I am feeling better (finally). Maybe because I think positive, I use my motivation and I work for my goals.    

20 November 2014


 Hello, last Friday I went to my friend Eliza (again). So weird that I met this Latvian girl in UK and she is here as long as me  (3 months). However, we made a lot of videos & pictures because we want to make "a movie" about our life in UK, haha. I hope that we will do it! But next day we spent almost all day at "Costa", it is like our tradition, haha.